The word Community has taken on so much more meaning than a group of people who happen to live in the same location. It has grown to become an idea. An idea of people not only sharing a place in which to live, but working together so that each individual can become a success. At JVB, we feel that our communities are an extended family, and we want everyone to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose. This is why we, not only as an organization, but individual employees, make it a goal to participate in community-organized events that enrich the areas in which we all live.

Assisting Non-Profit Organizations

Supporting the nonprofit organizations in our communities where our employees and customers live and work is all part of good corporate citizenship. JVB believes in being a good neighbor and helping others whenever and wherever possible for community events, educational endeavors, culture and arts, health and wellness, and economic development. We believe it’s simply the right thing to do.


Our employees offer themselves to mentor young people, support community celebrations, serve on the boards of local nonprofits, help the hungry and homeless, and help raise awareness for important causes. JVB employees consistently look for ways to make a difference in the community.

Helping the Community

Purposeful and meaningful giving leads to stronger communities. JVB funds a wide variety of local activities for youth, sporting events, and fundraising events for charities. We enter a market, not only to serve the area’s financial needs, but also to play a part in bettering the community for years to come. At JVB, funding decisions are made locally by people who know the community and can best determine it’s needs.