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Introducing “JAVA with JVB”.

Join our panel of banking experts every month for a relaxed, casual session in-person, on Facebook, or on the phone!  We’ll focus on one banking topic each month, and we’ll also welcome your other banking questions.  Stop in for a free “JAVA with JVB” coffee mug!  Below is our schedule for the “JAVA with JVB” monthly financial hour:

JAVA with JVB 2019 Schedule

Month Day Topic Location
February 26 Mortgage Application Process Mt. View Office
March 26 Plan Today--Retire Tomorrow Mt. View Office
April 23 Choose the Perfect Mortgage Mt. View Office
May 28 Make the Most of Mobile Banking To Be Announced
June 25 Use Your Home Equity Wisely To Be Announced
July 23 Business Loan Basics To Be Announced
August 27 Balance Budget = Better Life To Be Announced
September 24 What the Heck is a Reverse Mortgage To Be Announced
October 29 You Can Be an Investor To Be Announced
November 26 Identity Theft To Be Announced
December 31 All About Online Banking To Be Announced