Savings Made Simple

Swipe your debit card and add to your savings. With Savings Made Simple from JVB, you can put your nest egg on auto-pilot and watch the balance grow as you make everyday purchases. Round-up savings accounts are an effort-free, painless way to save money.

A happy young woman loves getting automatic savings from her JVB debit card

How does an automatic savings account work?

When you sign up for Savings Made Simple, we'll round your debit card transactions up to the next dollar and transfer the difference to the JVB savings account of your choice. Eligible savings accounts include Statement Savings, Kids Savings, and our popular Holiday Club.

Any debit transaction that isn't a whole number can be rounded up. That means auto payments linked to your debit card qualify, as well as purchases you make online or in stores. Fill your tank with gas, pick up groceries, order more cat food online, set up auto payments for your bills. In other words, live your life as you normally would; we'll take care of the rest.

Your round up savings are compiled in a single transfer for the day. For example, let's say in an average day you spent $2.49 on coffee, $9.61 on lunch, $30.21 on gas, and your car insurance bill was auto debited for $110.80. The coffee transaction would add $0.51 to your savings, $0.39 for lunch, $0.79 from the gas purchase, and $0.20 from the auto payment. So, your total round up change for the day would be $1.89, which will be transferred the next day automatically from your JVB checking account to the savings account of your choice.

Swipe your debit card and add money to your savings

If that doesn't sound like much, you're right. The point of automatic round-up savings is to help people who feel like they can't afford to save, or never remember to do it. With Savings Made Simple, the small daily transfers add up into something bigger. All the while, you can go about your everyday routine without feeling pinched from saving. The only consideration you need to keep in mind is making sure you have sufficient funds in your checking account to cover daily Savings Made Simple Transfers. A checking account without overdraft services will have its Savings Made Simple Transfer canceled when the transfer would cause an overdraft.

Save spare change: the perfect way to add funds to your savings account every time you use your debit card.

Savings Made Simple doesn't just add ease to your savings goals. It also simplifies your budgeting process. Record your debit transactions in whole dollars for easier account reconciliation. At the end of the month, you'll be delighted by your growing savings account balance, and even more motivated to keep saving.

Best of all, there is no charge for enrolling in Savings Made Simple and no monthly maintenance fees associated with the service. This is a free program for current JVB Checking customers with a JVB VISA® Debit Card and an eligible savings account.

Enroll Today in Savings Made Simple!

Want to grow your savings automatically? To enroll in Savings Made Simple from JVB download the Debit Card Maintenance Form, fill it out, print it, sign it, and choose the most convenient delivery method to our customer service team.

  • Hand deliver your Debit Card Maintenance Form to your local JVB office in State College, Blairs Mills, McAlisterville, Mifflintown, Port Royal, Richfield, Port Allegany, Lillibridge, Burnham, Reedsville, Lewistown, Millerstown, Coudersport, or Liverpool.
  • Mail the form to a JVB Bank location near you or our main office at:
    PO Box 66
    One South Main Street
    Mifflintown PA 17059
  • Scan the form or take a clear picture of it with your smartphone and email to

JVB is a full-service community bank with a rich history in Central and Northern PA. We are always looking to offer our customers more convenience by introducing options such as Savings Made Simple. If you have questions, our friendly associates are here to help. Contact us today!