Business Loans

When you are ready for your business to grow and you need to borrow to make that happen, the business lending team at JVB is ready to help with these services:

  • Commercial real estate loan
  • Business expansion or acquisition
  • Working capital
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Lines of credit

Our team is ready to help. We are local. We know you. We can craft a business solution that works for you. When you are ready for more information, we are ready to chat online, talk on the phone, or email. Use the Chat or Contact Us buttons to get started.

Term Loans

Term loans can be used to provide funds for the purchase of real estate, equipment, vehicles and seasonal time notes. JVB offers business term loans with various maturities and repayment schedules. Commercial term loans offer the financial support a business needs to focus on growing your company.

Line of Credit

Sometimes you need to have funds available if a business opportunity is spread over a period of time. JVB can provide a business or sole proprietor with a Commercial Line of Credit, which may be drawn upon as you need it. Lines of Credit are approved for a 60-month period and are reviewed annually.

Real Estate and Construction

JVB provides commercial real estate lending services for individual borrowers, developers and investors. We also offer financing for construction of many different commercial property types with a variety of options available including bridge and construction to permanent financing.

Equipment and Vehicle Loans

If your business needs vehicles or machinery, JVB offers equipment and vehicle loans for individual borrowers and corporations. These loans can be used to purchase a wide variety of machinery and equipment to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit guarantees that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. When you need to provide an assurance to a supplier, government entity, or other party for a particular transaction, JVB can issue a Letter of Credit on your behalf. Use the Chat or Contact Us buttons to get started.

Business Credit Card