Business Banking Electronic Services

Remote Deposit

JVB's powerful in-your-own-office, do-it-yourself, set-your-own-banking-schedule deposit service. Make single or multiple deposits without leaving the office. With a desktop scanner, a computer, and an Internet connection, your business banking will be faster and easier than ever!

  • Extend deposit processing deadline.
  • Eliminate delay for mailed deposits and lockbox operations.
  • Reduce transportation cost and risk.
  • Enhance cash management capabilities.
  • Improve deposit research capability.
  • Strengthen audit and control of deposit processing.
  • Consolidate financial relationships.

Merchant Card Services

Whether you're a new business or you already accept credit and debit cards, JVB will provide your business with Payment processing solutions that can add to your bottom line.

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Gift Cards
  • Electronic Check Guarantee
  • Recurring Payment and Payment Plans
  • Gateway/Internet Payments
  • Utility Payments
  • iProcess - process payments through your Apple or Android Smart Device! Learn more here. To speak with an Electronic Banking Specialist about any of the above services, click here to be contacted.