Business Banking Electronic Services

Remote Deposit

JVB's powerful in-your-own-office, do-it-yourself, set-your-own-banking-schedule deposit service. Make single or multiple deposits without leaving the office. With a desktop scanner, a computer, and an Internet connection, your business banking will be faster and easier than ever!

  • Extend deposit processing deadline.
  • Eliminate delay for mailed deposits and lockbox operations.
  • Reduce transportation cost and risk.
  • Enhance cash management capabilities.
  • Improve deposit research capability.
  • Strengthen audit and control of deposit processing.
  • Consolidate financial relationships.

Merchant Card Services

Whether you're a new business or you already accept credit and debit cards, JVB will provide your business with Payment processing solutions that can add to your bottom line.

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Gift Cards
  • Electronic Check Guarantee
  • Recurring Payment and Payment Plans
  • Gateway/Internet Payments
  • Utility Payments
  • SwipeSimple - accept payments on any device, anywhere! Our mobile payment processing solution works on the go, in your store, and at your computer.

To speak with an Electronic Banking Specialist about any of the above services, click here to be directed to our Business Contact Form and choose "Credit Card Processing" from the dropdown menu.