Courtesy Services Learn about our courtesy overdraft options.
Switch to JVB Our Switch Kit makes it fast and easy to change your accounts to JVB.
Phone Banking 24/7 phone access to your accounts, transfer funds, report a lost debit card, and much more.
Apply for a Mortgage Loan Online loan applications make financing fast and easy.  Personal, vehicle, and home loans of all kinds.
Apply for a Home Equity Loan Easy online applications using your home equity for home improvement or life improvement
Apply for vehicle loan Online applications for auto, truck, RVs,  and other personal vehicles of all kinds
Apply for personal loan Apply online for a personal use loan
Apply for a JVB Credit Card Use this link to access our quick and easy credit card application.
Deluxe Check Reorders Make quick work of reordering your personal or business checks.
Quick Links to Services Navigate quickly to the banking service you need.
Overdraft Opt-In An online registration form which allows customers to avoid rejected debit card transactions due to insufficient account balances.
Alerts & Messages Check this page for special announcements.