A smiling woman in a purple blouse accepts the key to a new car from a business auto dealer.

Business Equipment and Vehicle Loans

Equipment and vehicles are the lifeblood of businesses.  They are a necessity.  JVB has been working with community businesses for over 150 years.  When your business is ready to finance equipment or a vehicle, come to JVB where you will receive local commercial expertise, local lending decision-making, flexible terms, professional knowledge, competitive interest rates, and friendly service.

Business Equipment and Vehicle Loans Explained

Commercial equipment financing allows your business to acquire the machines needed to run and grow your business while maintaining an efficient cash flow and maximizing the use of your liquid assets.

Purchasing your own equipment with a business loan is often preferable to leasing equipment and vehicles, which will create an expense without the opportunity to build equity in a saleable asset. Business equipment loans may also afford some tax advantages (always consult your tax adviser).

Whatever type of equipment or vehicle you’re looking for, you can often finance up to the full cost; the purchased equipment is collateral for the loan. This type of “secured” loan often comes with a lower interest rate than unsecured debt, such as a credit card.

  • Business Equipment Loans: Finance necessary purchases such as computers, software, furniture, fixtures, and manufacturing or agricultural equipment.
  • Construction Equipment Financing: Keep your business moving and building with an affordable loan on construction vehicles and other machinery.
  • Restaurant Equipment Financing: Invest in new ovens, ranges, refrigerators, furnishings, and other staples of a successful culinary business.
  • Business Auto Loans: Whether you need a van for your plumbing or catering business, or you don’t want to use your personal vehicle on the job, a commercial auto loan lets you choose the vehicle that best meets the needs of your company. Many companies use their vehicles as a form of advertising with their name, slogan, and contact information printed on the car, truck, or van.
  • Commercial Truck Financing: A truck is an expensive yet vital part of many businesses, from construction and contracting to farming. Commercial truck financing makes it possible for you to purchase the truck or fleet of trucks you need to realize the full potential of your operation.

Is My Company Eligible?

Eligibility for commercial equipment and vehicle loans depends on your company’s history, current financial situation, credit score, and other variables. As a community bank, we are committed to investing in local businesses by providing this important financing.  The application process is straightforward.  You’ll need to provide a written price quote for the equipment or vehicle you wish to finance, as well as basic financial documents for your business.

Why Choose JVB for your business equipment loan?

At JVB, community isn’t just a word to us; it’s an idea we’re committed to supporting. We want to assist the business members of our community thrive and grow.  Use our easy Business Contact Request form and one of our business lending experts will contact you at a time and place convenient for you.

To call JVB Customer Care: 1-855-582-5101.  Local branch phone numbers are on our Locations page. We are close by in the following communities:  State College, Blairs Mills, McAlisterville, Mifflintown, Port Royal, Richfield, Burnham, Reedsville, Lewistown, Millerstown, Coudersport, and Port Allegany on Main Street and West Mill Street. Contact us to get started today!  You'll love our friendly service and competitive rates.