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For a limited time, now until April 15, 2020, JVB has a special offer to help establish your regular, consistent IRA retirement savings program.  Simply set up automatic transfers, minimum $50 monthly, from a JVB checking or statement savings into a new IRA Builder Account, and JVB will put $50 in your donor account to help you with your first month's savings!*  

man and woman open an IRA builder account


An IRA Builder Account is the perfect tool to help you manage your IRA Savings.  Start with as little as $100 and make additional deposits as often as you like. Watch your funds accumulate quickly! An IRA Builder Account can also accept automatic transfers from your checking, your payroll, or even accounts at other financial institutions.  It's like auto-pilot for your retirement savings.   

When you are ready, move money from your IRA Builder Account to a JVB IRA Certificate of Deposit.  Those transferred funds will earn a higher interest rate while you still continue to accumulate additional funds in your IRA Builder Account. 

When it comes to retirement, early and consistent savings is best.  Visit JVB today to get started!


IRA Builder Product Highlights:

  • $100 minimum to open
  • Accepts deposits at any time
  • Automatic transfers to the account can be established from a JVB deposit account, automatic payroll deduction, and other electronic transfer methods
  • 12-month term
  • Variable rate
  • Interest is compounded and paid quarterly
  • Automatic renewal at maturity
  • Early withdrawal penalty:  90 days’ interest
  • Grace period for withdrawals is 10 days following maturity date
  • Get current rate here


*$100 minimum to open and earn point the Annual Percentage Yield.  Auto-transfer required for bonus.